Product and service Design

While we like to work at a rapid pace, there is no point building what isn’t needed or going to provide value. To proceed into prototyping or development, we need to understand and model your processes and sector. We use modern product development techniques to support this process in an agile way. This extends to interviewing real customers / users or building a landing page to test global online interest. Build what seems most likely to provide value.


Brand and User experience (UX)

Public facing apps, websites and platforms need exceptional brand development and user experience (UX). Without considering the end user first software and technology has a risk to overwhelm and annoy.

We avoid this by going the extra mile to work closely with the front end of technology, often jumping through annoying hoops to make something easy to use, rather than the fastest solution to develop. This balance between time to develop and ease of use is a speciality of ours. The price/performance ratio if you will.


Application and platform DevelopmenT

Once we’re ready to build, we endeavour to things by best practice. This means using modern technologies that are specifically designed for developer productivity and team cohesion.

The golden rule is to always use the right tool for the job, so this means a lot of time not flexing our developer muscles. For example, this website is proudly built on Squarespace as why reinvent the wheel and spend development time on just building a website these days? If you have specific design needs, or a complex information architecture to publish, then we’d be happy to work with some of our favourite Content Management System (CMS) products.

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Hosting and Support

Once you’ve built a platform and want to iterate or manage it long term, we can help provide dedicated support to keep the lights on. As per usual, we use best of breed technologies and platforms to help do this.

No decaying servers lying around waiting to get hacked. Our servers are automatically updated and patched extremely regularly.