Warp Records / Bleep / OChre Technology Multimedia Player

We recently delivered a handcrafted multi-media player for the ambitious technology startup Ochre. They needed to be able to have a seem-less media experience on their e-commerce and CMS platform, powering the entirety of the new Warp Records site.

The player not only had to jump between audio and video with ease, but also integrate into any number of 3rd party media providers (YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud) All of these formats are handled as if there was no difference between them.

On top of this the player can be embedded into any 3rd party website. This gives Warp, Ochre and their clients a streamlined user experience as well as reporting user interactions directly to google analytics for all locations their media is viewed from


Digital vending infrastructure

Recently we were engaged to develop an end to end Internet-of-things (IOT) platform for managing digital vending machines.

We were responsible for the backend interface to manage products on the machines, the communication technology between the machines themselves, the internal architecture of the computer managing the machine, the touchscreen interface and the binary programming to talk to the contactless card readers.